Awards: AUX Humanitarian Service Award Ribbon/Medal

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USCG Auxiliary Humanitarian Service Award

The Auxiliary Humanitarian Service Award (HSA) is presented to Auxiliarists who distinguish themselves as individuals or as members of an operational unit by meritorious, direct, non-routine participation in a significant act or operation of a humanitarian nature. Direct participation is defined as being physically present at the designated location, having directly contributed and influenced the action. This award is considered the Auxiliary equivalent of the military Humanitarian Service Medal (HSM). Since Auxiliarists are not eligible to receive the HSM, the Auxiliary Humanitarian Service Award is awarded to Auxiliarists who participate in the same operations where Coast Guard active duty personnel are awarded the HSM. Participation in domestic disturbances involving law enforcement, equal rights to citizens or the protection of properties are excluded from this award.

Service rendered in the act or operation being considered must meet the following criteria: Examples of the types of acts or operations which may qualify for this award include: A.8.b. Award Elements This award consists of a ribbon and miniature medal. There is no certificate. For subsequent awards, a 3/16-inch bronze star is authorized to be worn on the suspension ribbon and ribbon bar. A.9. Multiple Awards Auxiliarists indicate multiple awards of any of the above by adding 5/16-inch or 3/16-inch gold or silver stars as specified above. A.10. Auxiliary Annual Service Performance Awards These awards recognize the individual contributions of Auxiliarists in Auxiliary Recruiting, VE, RBSV, PE, and Operations programs. A.10.a. Eligibility Criteria Similar to the discontinued AMOS awards, the annual performance awards are to promote activity in critical areas and recognize individual efforts. Annual Performance Service Awards may be issued in the following categories using the following criteria (completed annually by calendar year - 1 January through 31 December), no retroactive entitlement authorized. Once an Auxiliarist is determined to be eigible for an award it may be presented when an appropriate presentation opportunity arises. It is not necessary to wait until the end of the year to present the award.
¿ Must be above and beyond normal duties.
¿ Must have major significance.
¿ Must have provided immediate relief, relieved human suffering and should have saved lives.
¿ Must have affected the outcome of the situation.
¿ Must have specific dates and must be restricted to the period of immediate relief.
¿ Significant assistance in the event of national or international disasters, natural or man-made, such as, but not limited to earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, typhoons or conflagrations.
¿ Support or resettlement of refugees or evacuees.
¿ Significant acts or operations directly related to humanitarian service, which are above and beyond routine service.

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