Privacy Policy

The Coast Guard Auxiliary Association, Inc. (CGAuxAI) is the sole owner of information collected on this site. No information will be sold, shared, or rented, in ways different than what is disclosed within this statement. SHOPAUXILIARY.COM collects information from our users at several points on this website.

Cookies: SHOPAUXILIARY.COM uses software tags called "cookies" on our virtual storefronts, viewer forums and want ads. This technology provides a means to keep track of user preferences and viewing history. Each time a viewer logs into one of our forums, a cookie is generated, and sent to the user's machine. It includes a record of when the user last visited the forum, which messages were read, and how the user configured their viewing preferences. The next time a user logs into the forum, the user's machine automatically sends the previously generated cookie to our server. This information is then used by our server to generate a customized forum display for that user. Cookie information is deleted from the server after the user logs out of the forum. Cookie data is not compiled on our server, or distributed to other parties.

Users may block the utilization of cookies by configuring their browsers in an "accept no cookies mode". Forum users will still have access to our forums, but may need to reset their user preference during each visit.

E-Mail Directory: National Team Coast Guard E-mail Directory (eDirectory), is a secure database of voluntarily supplied contact information, intended for use by USCG Team members. Access to this database is limited to members of the database, who provide the proper access codes. The information contained within this database will not be released for non-Auxiliary purposes.

Information used by SHOPAUXILIARY.COM to confirm directory members include their name, member number, email address, member qualifications, offices held, and their zip code. To update or remove information from the database, contact your local Information Services Staff Officer.

Forms: Numerous user submitted forms may be found throughout the SHOPAUXILIARY.COM site. These include requests for assistance or information, notification, registration, surveys, and electronic commerce. Some report submissions are transferred to the recipient by way of email, while others produce online database files. The information collected on all forms is considered confidential, and will only be used for the purpose for which it was provided. All forms information will be destroyed after its purpose has been fulfilled.

Information Security: All information gathered on the SHOPAUXILIARY.COM site is stored and maintained in secure facilities that limit access to authorized personnel only. Strict control is maintained on who is granted access authorization. The SHOPAUXILIARY.COM Web site is regularly tested to ensure that all information collected is secure from unauthorized viewing.

Links: SHOPAUXILIARY.COM contains links to other external Web sites. If you decide to utilize any of the external links, you will be directed to a site which is not covered by our privacy policies. We recommend that you to read the privacy statements of these sites, since their policies may differ from ours. This privacy statement applies solely to information collected on this Web site.

Log Files: SHOPAUXILIARY.COM maintains log files of the traffic that visits, or posts materials on this site. Log files are used to record data transmission loads and determine site utilization. Information collected on web site viewers are limited to the URL of the visited sites, and the number of bytes transferred. Users posting materials to a site will have their URL, the posted URL, and the number of bytes transferred included in the log. This information is maintained in a secure location, and access is limited to authorized personnel.

Notification of Changes: If the privacy policies of this site are changed, a notification will be immediately posted on our homepage. Information collected prior to the announcement of any policy change, shall continue to be used in accordance with the applicable polices in effect, when the information was collected.